Saturday, September 04, 2004

Current iTunes Track - Holding Back the Years - Simply Red - Picture Book

I really want to get a pet chincilla, or a rabbit.

I've been doing lots of research, looking into cages, diets, breeds, etc....

I am under no circumstances allowed to purchase one of these animals.

I have a dog, a cat, and three aquariums.

The dog, Martini, is an American Rat Terrier. She is sweet and wonderful - but a bit of an attention whore. She follows wherever I go, and her entire goal in life is to be near me as much as possible. I love to be worshipped, but it can be a bit exhausting sometimes.

The cat, Paradox, is a huge pain in the ass. Constantly desperate for attention, always under foot. She paws at my face while I am trying to sleep, and she licks.


She's gotten worse since Marrakech died this past spring. She would be a great cat for a lonely elderly person, but I don't know any of them to give her to. I would love to find one though.

So honestly, I really do not need another pet. But I see pictures of cute little rabbits and chinchillas and my "gotta have it" impulse just kicks into high gear.

It's a mental disorder, really.

Now watch me switch topics...

I was supposed to clean today - but I didn't. So now, I will have to do it to-morrow. We'll see if that happens.

What I really need to do is revamp the website. I still have all of my old files, and I suppose that I could just burn it all to a disk and give it to Doug and have him upload it, since I can't get on the server myself, but I am reluctant to do that.

The whole thing just looks very 2000.

What I really need to do is do a complete revamp, but honestly that just sounds like a massive pain in the butt to me. Coming up with a design, creating graphics and buttons and all of that fun shit.

The whole thing smacks of effort, man.

Alright, Kids. It is time for me to smoke and get ready to watch the episode of The Amazing Race that I missed earlier in the week.