Friday, December 10, 2004

Current iTunes Track - Smack Jack - Nina Hagen - Nunsexmonkrock

Do you ever want to smack your friends?

I mean, you like them, you care about them, you want them to stay your friends, but every once in a while you just want to smack the shit out of them.

I'm in the process of quitting smoking. I am doing it very slowly, I'm down to 8 cigarettes a day after 3 weeks (I used to smoke 1 to 1 1/2 packs a day.) I have a schedule all planned out that takes me through late March when I will quit for good after having smoked only one cigarette a day for two weeks.

It's going pretty well, though occasionally I want to scream, run mad in the streets, and smoke until my lungs explode. I kind of feel that way right now.

It'll pass. I'm actually due for a smoke in 40 minutes.


On an unrelated note, what the Hell is Hugh Hefner doing in the Target Christmas commercials?

Seems pretty random to me.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Current iTunes Track - In A Glade - Milla - The Divine Comedy

Do you ever feel like just opting out? Telling the 21st century to take a hike and simplifying everything?

Internet, e-mail, telephones, cellphones, pagers, Palm Pilots, blackberries, etc.....

It gets really annoying. Driving home from work tonight (.8 miles) I saw 32 people on cellphones either in their cars or walking down the street.

Now personally, the very last thing I want to do after working all day is talk on the phone the minute I walk out the fucking door. Everywhere you go you can be on the phone - if you volunteer for the Peace Corps you can be in some African backwater and still yak away with everyone if you bring a satellite phone with you. You can use the phone on the plane, and they are working on getting you internet access on planes now so you can be super fucking productive every goddamn minute of your life.

I can't stand it.

Now granted, I wouldn't want to be without internet access. I love me up some internet, but phones I can do without at times. So I disconnected my cell phone. I never used the fucking thing anyway because I hate them so damn much. My headsets would always break, and I just am not coordinated to drive a stick while talking on the phone. Honestly, nothing is so fucking urgent that it can't wait until I check my messages.

Plus, driving time is iPod time. The iPod is the only thing that keeps me from killing the idiots who are constantly yakking on the fucking phone and not paying attention to the road.

Have you ever read an e-book? Did you like it? If you did there is something wrong with you.

The great thing about reading is it has no requirements other than the ability to read and maybe some light. A book is the perfect portable entertainment. It is compact, easy to carry, doesn't need batteries, and is probably the best entertainment value available on a cost per minute basis (of course your actual cost may vary based on how quickly you read.) Who would want to be tethered to their computer in order to read a novel? And while I have no proof of this I have a feeling that the relaxation factor that comes along with reading would be removed by doing it on a computer screen.

For portability you can take you e-books with you on a Palm Pilot. Ooh! Have you tried that? You can fit about two fucking sentences the screen, so you are constantly scrolling.

No thanks.

On a different subject one of my Cobalt Zebra (that's a fish in case you didn't know) was murdered today. I know who did it too. It was the other Cobalt Zebra. Fish are horrible, horrible creatures.

On yet another, less jovial subject, my sister's mother-in-law died today. Cancer. It was fast, she was diagnosed about a month and a half or so ago. Linda was a very nice woman, who, the first time I met her offered to give me an Apple ][c for my collection of vintage Apple Computers, and then actually did it. I liked her a great deal, and am very sad that she is gone, but glad that she did not go through a period of prolonged suffering. She will be missed.

On that note, my Huckleberry Friends, be good to yourselves, have a lovely day, and smash a cell-phone!

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Current iTunes Track - Holding Back the Years - Simply Red - Picture Book

I really want to get a pet chincilla, or a rabbit.

I've been doing lots of research, looking into cages, diets, breeds, etc....

I am under no circumstances allowed to purchase one of these animals.

I have a dog, a cat, and three aquariums.

The dog, Martini, is an American Rat Terrier. She is sweet and wonderful - but a bit of an attention whore. She follows wherever I go, and her entire goal in life is to be near me as much as possible. I love to be worshipped, but it can be a bit exhausting sometimes.

The cat, Paradox, is a huge pain in the ass. Constantly desperate for attention, always under foot. She paws at my face while I am trying to sleep, and she licks.


She's gotten worse since Marrakech died this past spring. She would be a great cat for a lonely elderly person, but I don't know any of them to give her to. I would love to find one though.

So honestly, I really do not need another pet. But I see pictures of cute little rabbits and chinchillas and my "gotta have it" impulse just kicks into high gear.

It's a mental disorder, really.

Now watch me switch topics...

I was supposed to clean today - but I didn't. So now, I will have to do it to-morrow. We'll see if that happens.

What I really need to do is revamp the website. I still have all of my old files, and I suppose that I could just burn it all to a disk and give it to Doug and have him upload it, since I can't get on the server myself, but I am reluctant to do that.

The whole thing just looks very 2000.

What I really need to do is do a complete revamp, but honestly that just sounds like a massive pain in the butt to me. Coming up with a design, creating graphics and buttons and all of that fun shit.

The whole thing smacks of effort, man.

Alright, Kids. It is time for me to smoke and get ready to watch the episode of The Amazing Race that I missed earlier in the week.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Current iTunes Track - Fizzing Human Bomb - Danielle Dax - Inky Bloaters

I'm in Hell today!


If I had access to Thermonuclear Warheads I would destroy humanity.

No Big Loss
Okay kids, it's late and I don't have much time.

I've been having trouble signing into the server to upload content onto my website since I changed hosts. I can log on - but only in a read only mode.

*looks at Doug*

So for now - this is it. Eventually I hope to get this resolved and put some actual content on here, but for the time being the blog will have to do.

Better than an ad for Apache I suppose.

Now, I realise I haven't updated this in over a year, and I can't promise to try to be better about it. But, I'll TRY to try.

You'll just have to settle for that.

I really need to get my ass to bed now.