Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Current iTunes Track - The Bravery - An Honest Mistake - The Bravery

So I jumped the gun a little bit and quit smoking on Halloween, three weeks ago today. The timing seemed right, and I decided to seize the moment rather than wait.

The detox was...interesting. Mild hallucinations, a sensation of bugs crawling on my skin, a cold, numb feeling in my throat and lungs (this is finally starting to go away) and a fair amount of bitchiness. It truly was not as bad as I expected though. I cannot believe that I have gone three whole weeks with no nicotine at all, I was king of the chain-smokers, so going cold-turkey was a very frightening prospect for me, but I seem to be doing well with it. I've been trying to stay busy and keep my hands occupied. Video games have helped, and I picked up knitting again. That has helped a lot.

Last week I actually went through a whole day without even thinking about smoking. That hasn't happened again, but it will.

According to my quit gadget at quitnet.com I have saved $100.80 and not smoked 635 cigarettes as of this moment.


Have a nice Thanksgiving.